Syntea is the main sponsor of the action Qualifications 2025+

The aim of the campaign is to support pupils and students in acquiring additional qualifications enabling them a better start on the labour market. The campaign also aims to popularize the idea of lifelong learning. As part of the Qualifications 2025+ initiative, 1000 pupils and students will have an opportunity to learn about the requirements of Industry 4.0, including for example those related to AI (Artifical Intelligence), RPA (Robotic Process Automation), CS (Cyber Security), 3D Printing, IoT (Internet of Things), BCH (Blockchain), BDA (Big Data Analytics), VR (Virtual Reality). Each participant will be able to take a certified qualification exam.

The Qualifications 2025+ campaign is the largest Polish initiative financed solely from private funds, addressed to the formal education sector and enabling the preparation and modification of the educational offer of schools and universities as part of the expansion of the core curriculum.

More details on the campaign’s website: : kwalifikacje2025.pl

Information about the Qualifications2025+ campaign on the website of the Educational Research Institute: Go to IBE website