Register for the Modern Business Services (RMBS)

Register for the Modern Business Services (RMBS) sector will promote and disseminate virtual reality/ augmented reality (VR/AR) tools as innovative training methods. RMBS will include training offers that provide the opportunity to acquire high quality qualifications, i.e. recognised qualifications that have passed the formal and legal validation resulting from the regulations in this area in the given country. At the same time, by referring to the European Qualifications Framework, training offers from a given country will be able to be presented and offered in the actual and future Partner country.


RMBS intends to focus in particular on training courses offering short forms of non-formal education including so-called micro- qualifications, with an emphasis on practical knowledge and using innovative VR/AR learning tools and methods.


Project coo financed by ERASMUS-EDU-2023-PI-FORWARD (Partnerships for Innovation – Forward Looking Projects