Preparation of dishes in line with market trends and healthy eating principles

Announcement of the Minister of Sport and Tourism of 20 November 2018 on the inclusion of the market qualification ‘Preparing food in accordance with market trends and principles of healthy nutrition’ in the Integrated Qualification System (M. P. pos. 1190 of 05 December 2018). Qualification code in the IQS: 12631.

What can a person with this qualification do?

Holds a certificate in food preparation according to market trends and healthy eating principles:

  • is ready to independently plan and prepare dishes according to a given recipe, applying the principles of healthy nutrition and modern culinary techniques;
  • independently prepares typical dishes according to a fine-dining concept and serves them according to established rules;
  • prepare food to the exclusion of designated allergens or ingredients which are difficult to digest and in accordance with the principles of “slow food”;
  • uses both typical kitchen equipment and appliances in his/her work; takes into account market trends and principles of healthy eating;
  • applies the principles of occupational health and safety in catering and follows HACCP principles, including GHP and GMP.

Who is the qualification addressed to?

The qualification is primarily addressed to those:

  • who work in the catering industry and do not have a formally validated qualification;
  • who want to retrain and start working in the catering industry;
  • who are engaged in non-professional food preparation and are interested in having their qualifications confirmed;
  • who are entering the labour market and are looking for a marketable qualification to gain employment in the growing catering industry, with a particular focus on new food trends.

Where can You find employment?

The holder of the qualification can find employment as a chef in various types of catering establishments:

  • restaurants,
  • pizzerias,
  • catering complexes.

They can also start their own business in the catering industry, for example, create their own food truck, which has recently become very popular.


Number of hours of workshops
and self-work


Duration of theoretical exam (min.)


Duration of practical test (min.)