Planning, creation and distribution of marketing content

Announcement of the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology of 23 October 2018 on the inclusion of the market qualification ‘Planning, creating and distributing marketing content’ in the Integrated Qualification System (Monitor Polski of 8 November 2018, item 1090). Qualification code in the IQS: 12629.

What can a person with this qualification do?

Holder of the certificate in planning, creating and distributing marketing content:

  • is prepared to undertake the planning, creation and distribution of marketing content independently,
  • analyses the needs and preferences of the recipients of marketing content,
  • prepares and distributes marketing content: text and multimedia (photos, graphics, films, guides, articles),
  • is prepared to conduct content marketing projects,
  • within the framework of undertaken project tasks, plans and delegates tasks to the team and suppliers,

Who is the qualification addressed to?

The qualification is primarily addressed to those:

  • marketing, public relations, social media specialists;
  • IT professionals who develop content for social media websites;
  • people who create weblogs;
  • webdevelopers;
  • webmasters and website administrators;
  • photographers, cameramen;
  • translators, linguists;
  • export specialists;
  • internal communication specialists (HR staff);
  • copywriters;
  • returnees who can work remotely;
  • editors, journalists, reporters.

Where can You find employment?

The qualification holder can find employment:

  • In agencies (PR, marketing, creative, social media) and media houses;
  • In companies and institutions that carry out or want to carry out marketing content activities.
  • The holder of the qualification may also be self-employed or provide freelance services (on a freelance basis) in the planning, creation and distribution of marketing content.


Number of hours of workshops
and self-work


Duration of theoretical exam (min.)


Duration of practical test (hours)