Customer relationship management using a CRM system

Announcement of the Minister of Development, Labour and Technology of 15 April 2021 on the inclusion of the market qualification ‘Customer Relationship Management with the use of the CRM system’ in the Integrated Qualification System (Monitor Polski of 5 May 2021). Qualification code in the IQS: 13881.

What can a person with this qualification do?

Holder of a certificate in Customer Relationship Management using a CRM system:

  • retrieves, based on set objectives, customer data and implements the customer service process using the CRM system;
  • performs his/her professional tasks under variable and not fully predictable conditions;
  • adjusts his/her actions to the objectives set, the type of product/service and the specific characteristics of the recipient;
  • finds, verifies and processes customer information necessary to increase sales effectiveness from various sources;
  • independently plans activities, monitors and analyses the course of the process in the CRM system and adjusts the action plan to achieve the set results;
  • secures and processes personal data in accordance with legal regulations.

Who is the qualification addressed to?

The qualification is primarily addressed to those:

  • customer service employees;
  • sales staff;
  • employees in export departments;
  • people supervising customer service processes;
  • people running a business requiring customer relations management;
  • Employees in marketing departments;
  • employees in procurement departments.

Where can You find employment?

The holder of the qualification may find employment in companies or institutions that use CRM systems, in positions related to acquisition and customer service in companies dealing with e.g:

  • sales,
  • export,
  • marketing,
  • e-commerce,
  • health care,
  • administration.


Number of hours of workshops
and self-work


Duration of theoretical exam (min.)


Duration of practical test (min.)