Computer graphics design

Announcement of the Minister of Digitalisation of 21 November 2018 on the inclusion of the market qualification “Computer graphics design” in the Integrated Qualification System (Monitor Polski of 12.12.2018, item 1214). Qualification code in the NQS: 12643.

What can a person with this qualification do?

The holder of the Certificate in Computer Graphic Design:

  • is prepared to independently produce graphic design for electronic or print publication;
  • proposes solutions for the content and form of the graphic design on the basis of the requirements of the customer;
  • obtains graphic and text materials from the customer and uses graphic materials available on the market, in compliance with the principles of copyright;
  • creates graphic designs and prepares them for electronic publication or print;
  • in the course of performing his/her professional tasks, takes into account the needs and preferences of clients or employers and the principal, preparing designs in accordance with the applicable standards and technical requirements.

Who is the qualification addressed to?

The qualification is primarily addressed to:

  • people who are hobbyists in computer graphics design and would like to confirm their competence;
  • marketing, public relations, social media specialists;
  • IT professionals who are involved in creating content for social media websites, as well as those involved in creating weblogs;
  • web developers, website and web service administrators;
  • photographers;
  • editors, journalists, reporters;
  • computer graphic designers who would like to expand their competences to include computer graphics design;
  • people with an artistic education and art graduates;
  • people who would like to work remotely;
  • people who appreciate working independently, taking responsibility for the entire project.

Where can You find employment?

The qualification holder may find employment in:

  • companies that create computer graphics on behalf of clients;
  • companies providing e-learning platforms and creating e-learning training content;
  • agencies (PR, marketing, creative, social media) and media houses;
  • computer graphics studios;
  • printing houses;
  • newspaper and magazine editorial offices;
  • publishing houses;
  • companies with sales and advertising departments.

The holder of the qualification can also run their own business in computer graphics design or provide freelance services (on a freelance basis).


Number of hours of workshops
and self-work


Duration of theoretical exam (min.)


Duration of practical test (min.)