Is artificial intelligence capable of replacing humans?

The conference “Competences of tomorrow – Lublin inspires the future”, organised by the City of Lublin together with the Sectoral Competence Council Modern Business Services, is behind us.
The meeting was full of exchanges and experiences in anticipating trends in competences and qualifications on the labour market.


The power speech was delivered by Monika Borycka – a recognised trendresearcher, innovation analyst and future studies specialist.
Piotr Fałek – Chairman of SRK NUB led a panel discussion for entrepreneurs from the industry entitled. “Is it true that ordinary businesspeople can make a good living by imitation, but innovators are most generously rewarded?”.


At Syntea’s invitation, the participants were also our long-standing partners: Ms. Mariola Wasilewska, Director, from the Veterans of Lwówiecka Land Economic and Technical School Complex in Rakowice Wielkie (Lwówecki County) and Mr. Artur Mach, Director, from the CKZ in Grudziądz.
We would like to thank all the speakers, guests and organisers for their participation in yet another event, which provided an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences on methods for implementing modern education and to present the best case studies of competence projects from all over Poland.