Business cooperation development in Central and Eastern Europe

In order to meet the requirements of the EU policy on education, Syntea is involved in popularizing the Vocational Competence Certificate system for education and certification of professional competencies. The idea of the system has been created with a view to cooperate as well as integrate knowledge and professional skills with the needs of companies operating on the international labour market.

Syntea consistently pursues its development strategy in international markets and takes the next steps in build up the network of partners in Central – Eastern Europe within the growing interest in the VCC© system. Between 7 – 10th June in Bulgarian ministry representatives of Syntea and its strategic partner VCC© Foundation held a series of meetings.

During a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Bulgaria Tomislav Donchev responsible for the use of EU funds was discussion about Polish experiences in the implementation of the VCC© standard as the response to the labour market challenges. Moreover at the meeting in the Ministry of Education there was a discussion concern responsibility for vocational education in the context of the European Qualifications Framework. As part of the talks in the Ministry of Labour with Dimitra Hadijevem was Polish experience within professional activation.

Furthermore as the result of the cooperation will be conducting trainings for government administration in improving mechanisms for projects financed from EU funds area. The visits in Bulgaria also resulted in conducting workshops about VCC© system for our partner TEZA company.