Another University with an innovative ERP-based Learning Matrix (MEERP)

On 01.03.2021 Opole University signed with Syntea S.A. a contract for the realization of an order related to the project “Education for the development of the business services sector in Opole”. (under the agreement with NCBiR POWR-03.01.00-00-O025/19-01).

The scope of cooperation includes:

  • Development of the concept of MEERP operation in classes extending the core curriculum at 2 faculties of the University,
  • Delivery of licenses, server equipment, configuration and launch of integrated didactic solution,
  • Building a simulation environment based on 3 profiles of training companies and 15 complex employee roles in accordance with the needs of employers,
  • Development of didactic materials for students and lecturers (including workshop scenarios, scripts for tutors and administrators),
  • Expert consultations with methodologists operating in the Modern Business Services sector, regarding the use of MEERP in the realization of didactic processes, according to the needs of employers in the sector.

The University of Opole consists of twelve faculties and nineteen research institutes forming a dynamic, modern and versatile scientific and didactic organism. It was established in 1994 by merging the leading pedagogical university in the country – the Higher School of Pedagogy – with the Opole branch of the Catholic University of Lublin. The university has a huge scientific potential, generated by its titled staff and a multitude of specialist laboratories, IT and media centers, as well as impressive library resources.

MEERP offered by Syntea S.A. is an innovative didactic solution allowing for effective preparation of students to work in the Modern Business Services sector using the assumptions of the Industry 4.0 strategy.