Council for Competencies in the Modern Business Services sector

On the initiative of Syntea SA, in cooperation with the ASPIRE association, the VCC Foundation, the University of Opole and the Silesian University of Technology, the Council for Competencies in the modern business services sector was established, whose main objectives are:

  • Supporting activities aimed at creating polyvocational educational pathways;
  • Strengthening retraining and mobility competencies among candidates and employees in the Modern Business Services sector, hereinafter referred to as NUB;
    Identifying competency gaps and reducing their impact on the NUB sector;
  • Supporting teaching cadres at universities in implementing innovative teaching methods in classes, developing data processing competencies, including operation of specialized software.
  • Creating formal and organizational conditions to facilitate support for those with low qualifications or no work experience who can be effectively trained to work in the NUB sector, and those for whom the implementation process to work requires a high investment in infrastructure.

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